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There are two friends; Bob and Fred. Bob is a blonde and Fred is a brunette. Bob and Fred
go into a bar one day, and they see an Indian walk in. The bartender says to them, "I'd
give anyone $100,000 if they could bring me an Indian's head. Those Indians killed my
children, they killed my wife, and they destroyed my home." So, Bob and Fred decide to go
out, find an Indian, and chop off its head to bring to the bartender. The two friends go
out looking, and find an Indian. Fred throws a rock and hits the Indian in the head, and
it falls unconcious down into a canyon. Bob and Fred go down into the canyon to cut off
the Indian's head when Fred taps Bob's shoulder and says with a horrified expression,
"Bob, look." Bob turns around, and sees Indians surrounding them at the top of the canyon.
Then he shouts, "Yes!! We're going to be millionares!"

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